Monday, 12 April 2010

Iron Man

After the travesty that was The Incredible Hulk I approach “Iron Man” with some degree of trepidation. Marvels movies seem to be treading a fine line between subtlety and silliness in these latest franchise outings and Iron Man does the same. However in this case it pulls it off.

Iron Man isn’t a great masterpiece, it isn’t a fantastic film, it is not even a really good film. Whether the cash spent to make it justifies what I would term a good film remains to be answered. Iron Man has some huge plot and character flaws including the most inept terrorists ever, don’t let this put you off watching it however. If you remember that you are watching a film about a man in a exoskeleton battle suit it helps to provide the pinch (fistful) of salt you need to survive these problems.

The real saviour of Iron Man is Downey Jr. himself. His portrayal of Stark is brilliantly watchable and he manages to make, an essentially unlikeable arsehole, into a greatly enduring personality. Add in the excellent special effects (very few “that's CGI” moments) and you have the recipe for a nice, watchable and reasonably simple superhero movie. Wasn’t that what they were always meant to be from the start?vlcsnap-00103

Iron Man is great fun and a good movie. Well worth a watch if you have some time that needs to be passed.

Paul Out…

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