Tuesday, 20 April 2010

eBuzzing is full steam ahead in the UK (Sponsored Post)

Regular readers will have noticed the appearance of Sponsored Posts in my content. This is a direct result of a monetisation
proposal from ebuzzing. The subsidiary of Wikio is now gearing up to fully roll out in the UK and the opportunity is now there for everybody to grab a piece of the cake.

Articles are often tailored to your particular blog and are always clearly marked as sponsored posts. The main advantage of this over the adsense route is the control that you maintain over your content. Income (while still being tiny in the scheme of things) is far superior to ad schemes and I personally have managed to fund several new badges for my sister blog by using sponsored posts in this one.

Content is as involved as you want. As an example take a look at one of my previous sponsored posts HERE. As long as your article is accepted by eBuzzing via their simple submission engine you can publish and receive your remittance.

They also operate a video booth type of post where you can include sponsored contend in a very smooth and fluid format as can be seen in my Freedom for Aquitane post.

The screenshot below is an example of video integration:

The overall effect is a targeted and highly personal advertising system using blogs to provide a far more intelligent advert then simple clickable links.

So what is the downside? Well there is a bit of a wait for your payments and you always run the risk of being accused of “selling out” but the way I see it, it’s my blog and I’m not hiding the fact its a paid post so where is the harm? Its also important to remember that a personal recommendation that says a product is good will always hold more water then an impersonal ad that claims it is fantastic. What have you to lose?

Still need convincing? Check out eBuzzings own blog entry on exactly WHY you should sign up. www.ebuzzing.com/blog/index.php/2010/03/11/288-why-you-should-join-ebuzzing

register on ebuzzing.com

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