Thursday, 1 April 2010

BTS: Bad Trailer Syndrome

We are all familiar with the movie trailer, coming up after the Ads from Pearl and Dean they provide an intriguing and exciting look into what is coming up (or, if on DVD make you scream GET ON WITH IT). Sometimes trailers go wrong and this is what I call Bad Trailer Syndrome. Sometimes its slightly, sometimes greatly but often totally misrepresentative of the film.

Falling into the slightly flawed category is this one for Sherlock Holmes, preventing me from watching a very good film to avoid the pointless and over the top action…

Actually there is a fair degree of action but nowhere near that shown in the Trailer. It falls into the misleading category.

How about we show the whole damn film INCLUDING THE CLIMAX like in this one…

Perhaps we could completely misrepresent the film?

You could maybe take a psychological thriller and portray it as a horror film?

The last on my list is inappropriate music. The guitar riff in the background has already turned me off of Clash of the Titans, are trailers not supposed to try to drag you in? Instead it feels like Transformers in the past with just as much of Hollywoods latest fad, “The overactive action sequence” which I have decided is at the centre of the current rot in the latest run of blockbusters.

Now to take the taste away. Here is how a trailer SHOULD be done.

Paul out…and considering watching LOTR again

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