Friday, 9 April 2010

11th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver

I bit of a diversion here. Those Brits (and web savvy others) amongst us will be aware of the presence of a new Doctor on our TVs. He also has a new screwdriver which, of course, means a new toy…which i have.


DSCF1001 The biggest difference is the packaging, in this case it is quite well packed and easy to unwrap. The new branding will take some getting used to but then so did the old.DSCF1002

Batteries are supplied and very discreetly inserted. We still see the bane, however, of screw on battery covers. Very frustrating and pointless when the port is as well concealed as this.DSCF1003

The toy has a real heft to it and is vey satisfying in the hands. I imaging a full metal, ceramic and leather replica would be readily easy to produce but obviously expensive. DSCF1004

The toy has a very nice and well produced action spring open at the touch of a button. The two sound effects are also very effective with the trigger for this,  when open, being via a base mounted button. This is rather tough to activate however. Design flaw possibly?


Pros: Looks and feels great, very responsive and smooth action on the open mechanism.

Cons: Expensive at 14.99 but sure to get reduced. Back button is twitchy and hard to activate.

Verdict. Well worth a purchase for the dedicated fan and a great gift for the nippers.

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