Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sherlock Holmes

The trailer above show an oddly manly Holmes roister doistering through explosive adventures. This seems a far cry from the deerstalker and meerscham pipe…but…on watching Sherlock I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a degree of BTS (Bad Trailer Syndrome) exhibited here but to be honest the worst crime exhibited by the filmmaker IS the excess of action. This leads to the bane of current action movies where the scene becomes so wild and action so frenetic that often you struggle to work out exactly what the hell is going on.vlcsnap-00054

What I expected to be the weakest parts of the film, the crimefighting duo themselves, are actually outstanding creating a real victory in the annuls of the great detective. Jude Laws Watson is triumphant, gone is the bumbling sidekick of the past. This Watson is back to the intelligent and witty foil to Sherlocks genius. He is handy in a fight and suffers from the injured leg that invalided him from Afghanistan, he is exasperated with the life of Holmes and wants nothing more then to be free with his Fiance and to be away from this maddening best friend of his. After, of course, he help with this on LAST case.

Downeys Sherlock on the other hand is the dark and flawed character of the books. If you think of Sherlock as a gentleman then you are wrong. He is on the borders of mental illness with an intellect so great that if it is not exercised he will engage in self destruction. Better the sting of the heroin syringe for Holmes then the pain of an intellect with no challenge. He has no social skill, very poor hygiene and no real care for his own image. Holmes lives to be exhilarated whether by drug or crime.vlcsnap-00057

The story is taught and tied up nicely at the end with a trademark…this is how it happed…ending. This was a very true fear for me, that the film would go down the modern Scooby Doo route which accepts that the thing fought against all this time (no ghosts) is actually real. The payoff when the Black Magic is revealed in its true form is certainly earned. vlcsnap-00064

Sets are fantastic and I’m sure barely existed in real life. I can accept this world of CGI when it is this seamless however but it must become tiresome for others, after Sky Captain Jude Law will soon be the king of Green screen.

Aside from the overblown “we MUST have action” sequences Guy Richie presents Sherlock Holmes brilliantly. From the beleaguered Mrs Hall all the way down to the highly stressed and befuddled Inspector Lestrade.

Sherlock Holmes is worthy of a place on anyone's DVD shelf. Here's hoping that the inevitable sequel lives up to the first outing or stays shelved.

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