Friday, 19 March 2010

Session 9

Not to be confused with District 9 which is a totally different film, Session 9 came first and is not about aliens. Set in the immensely creepy Danvers State Hospital it is a fairly creepy psychological thriller with some horror overtones. Interesting as it is it never really feels like anything more then an overblown episode of Tales of the Unexpected with its TV pedigree being further hampered by the presence of David “YEAAHHHHHHHH” Caruso and the bloke that plays Captain Jim Brass. Its like a goddamn CSI reunion party in here. Looks like its clear asbestos. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The location does scream class and the acting from the members of the Hazmat team tasked with the removal of the buildings asbestos is excellent but the film never really manages to take off. Its interesting and well plotted, it has a nice ending but ultimately just felt rather meh. vlcsnap-00021

Take a look but don’t get excited.

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