Friday, 5 March 2010

The Incredible Hulk

Honest? I struggled to keep attention on this one, as a reboot of a film that was a mere 5 years older it seemed pointless and has subsequently took me another 2 years to watch.

I didn’t love the 2003 version. I found it took liberties with the story and was rather confusing. The linchpin of the story, however, the Hulk just seemed far more effective. In this we have lots of action and no real chance to see the beast, and when we do the CGI “its not there” voice screams loudly in my head.

It lacks a real strong hook, the first film took an essentially storyless concept and ran with it creating its own mythos. In this they seem to be struggling to even find a bad guy that ISNT the hulk.

Overall though I think my age is starting to show as wow factors like explosions and gargantuan battles seem to hold no wonder for me anymore. I just find them dull.  I think what is galling is that I prefer the first attempt at this character (on the big screen anyway) and despite the nods to the classic TV series (big bloody nods with boots on) this iteration had nothing above and beyond to enthral or entice me.


Most controversially i suppose is that Liv Tyler with her flat chest and weird Aerosmith lips will never replace the gorgeous Jennifer Connolly in my affections. Maybe it is unfair to compare the two films but as they were both released in the same decade and share so many things I will. Its how I roll mother funster!

Paul Out…

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