Saturday, 20 February 2010

Total Recall

Very rarely do you watch a film that you know well and see it in a new light. Total Recall did this for me today and, despite having seen it several times, this was probably the first time that I actually saw the ambiguities that exist in the story.

Firstly I never realised that Vehoven was involved. Watching it now its similarities with Robocop are glaring. Gore and stlye are all from teh same camp and even the manipulating boss and inept SIC are direct from the OCP mould.

Its great to see Arnie kicking Ass again. Lets not forget this guy is an Action Hero! He must also be the most Full Head Dummy actors ever!

Of course the biggest revelation for me is that it blatantly IS a dream (implanted at Rekall) with the indications being myriad to this. Even the implanted holiday scream this being titled “Blue Sky over Mars”! and the psychiatrist mid way through literally outlines the rest of the film…exactly as it happens. Of course the real kicker is that simply…the convoluted and fantastic plot DOES read like a dream. After all it really doesn't make sense once Quaid visits Rekall and this is because it is exactly what the scientist tells him. A delusion.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this film. It was simply an escape from the horror that is EastEnders but it surprised me with it complexity, style and simply how good it is.

A film well worth revisiting 20 years on.vlcsnap-00108

Paul out…

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