Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Crank: High Voltage

My reader will remember that I was surprised by the first film CRANK as I found it to be an utterly balls to the wall romp. I also commented that it made no sense at all and was complete bonkers… Well Crank: High Voltage just out bonkered it.

Does this make it a brilliant film then, after all Crank was a good film so turning it up to 11 must be a result eh?


Imagine some relaxing music, something melodic, tunefull, subtle. Turn it up to 11. Ears hurt? That's what Crank: High Voltage does. All of the concepts in the first film that pretty much were already on 11 are now turned up to 15. Chev has had his (useless?) heart removed and replaced with a mechanical one. He goes on a quest to get it back. The ball is really dropped by making Chev virtually indestructible this time around. Yes he was pretty damn tough in the first one but c’mon guys! The adrenaline premise is replaced by a recharging idea in this one, for me it really doesn’t work. It lacks the immediacy of the first one and is clearly the plot device that it was always intended to be.

he film is liberally spattered with nudity, sex violence and gore. It makes the odd sin of mixing violence with sex though and the scene where a silicone implant is shot is actually pretty horrific, leading me away from the general fun and mayhem and into cringe territory. vlcsnap-00091

Amy Smart is back as eve with more sex and nudity. Again we have a public sex scene like the first BUT RAMPED UP. Although considering Amys breasts are exposed for a good degree of the movie the use of masking tape on the nipples seems rather bizarre, particularly as they are fully out later on?

I think i have already hit what is wrong here for me. It isn't that the film is silly, the first one was. It isn't that it has sex or gore. Its not the violence. Its the simple way that the film is seemingly improved by MAKING THINGS BIGGER AND BETTER. This of course works in some cases but giving Pavarotti a loudhailer is not going to improve his performance. Is there such a thing as too much? I think Crank: High Voltage shows us that there is.


Paul Out

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