Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Zombie Diaries

I actually watched this a few days ago, its taken a while to mull it over, start a review, stop, hit delete and start again. I think I am ready.

I liked it, there its out…and god has not struck me down.

It had terrible acting, the camera control (like Diary of the Dead) is handheld and vomit inducing (or maybe that's because i was already ill), the story is simple, the budget is obviously completely non-existent and the kills are pallid and unimaginative. So why do I like it?

It has balls. It is well done and despite the awful acting and the terrible scripting making the piece seem awfully staged, when you consider the budget and support that this project had the effects and storyline were fantastic. Zombies were truly horrific and i will forgive the total use of headshots to kill the zombies…after all isn’t that what you would do?

vlcsnap-00046 The story uses several disparate video diaries and, again like Diary of the Dead, you are often left wondering why they are still filming (and as the power is shown to fail HOW). These converge in the end to tie the film together. It also has an excellent twist on the “who do you trust” theme.


With such strong pros and such equally strong cons what you get is a strangely unbalanced film that is still enjoyable to watch. With polish and cash I would have classed this as a great film. Without polish and little cash it still manages to be passable and well worth a look. Just don’t expect to see anything more polished then a very good student film.

Ideal rental stuff for when you get sick of Hollywood.

Paul out…

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