Sunday, 31 January 2010



A remake of a Danish film this one and it starts with great style and panache. Acting from Nick Nolte, Ewan MacGregor and Josh Brolin is great and it doubly great to see Brad Douriff who is a severely underused actor. The problem is that the film really doesn't progress well. It stagnates midway and you know that there is a twist which, given the very small cast, when it arrives is rather unsurprising.

One additional niggle is Ewans awful accent. Can’t we just accept expats live in the states rather then making tem adopt really bad accents. It worked for Connery after all.

Nightwatch passed the time but once the fulcrum of the plot is reached becomes a real chore. All of the belief that the well crafted lead in had built departs in a  puff of “o rly” smoke and it suddenly becomes a particularly dumb “Killer in the House” film.

Watch it if you have a spare moment but it really is a bit of a pig. I can only guess that the truly impressive cast line up were either going through a dry spell or didn’t read to the end of the script?vlcsnap-00033Paul out…and rather disappointed.

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