Saturday, 9 January 2010

Jennifer's body

Jennifer's body is a film that leaves me strangely conflicted on one hand it is particularly well written for the horror genre however with the acting from the main star Megan Fox is poor to say the least, she is wooden and stilted in all of her scenes.  I attribute this to the fact that Megan has all the acting ability of a dead badger, and to this end she is simply a rather pretty face.vlcsnap-00086

The film is actually reasonably  well written with an interesting and very original plot.  Despite its close parallels in with the similar film Ginger snaps Jennifer's Body still manages to seem fresh.  Unfortunately throughout the film there is a the great feeling that you are actually watching a chick flick, this creates a problem for me as I am not a great fan of the chick flick genre.  Girly relationships and jokes about pmt passed directly over my head leaving what remains tedious and dull. 

I think the problem with Jennifer's Body, is that for a horror and despite its copious gore,  Jennifer's body  is not at all scary.  Yes the effects are particularly horrific and the cinematography is very effective  but in the film entirely fails to provide any scares whatsoever.  This may well be attributed to Megan Fox's dreadful acting as her co-star is excellent.vlcsnap-00098

The final thing that strikes me as odd about Jennifer's body is the lack of any particular nudity, this may sound like a strange complaint but as a supposedly extreme horror movie this shying away from the physical while adhering to the visceral strikes me as bizarre.  Particularly in light of the selection of Megan, seemingly entirely for her looks, and then showing none of them while lowering the controversial and rating elevating content appears to be another example of Hollywood's cynical manipulation of the rating system.vlcsnap-00097

In conclusion I found the film to be quite a chore and lacking in any lasting impact.

Paul out…  And looking for the screen grabs of Megan naked on the docks.  Probably the best thing to come out of the entire enterprise. 

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