Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Hangover

Short review for a simple film. Ok, I will admit it. I was surprised by The Hangover. It wasn’t at all crap! Yes it was silly and childish, the hallmark of American Humour but it was silly and childish in a Road Trip and American Pie sort of way rather then a American Pie presents The Book of Love way. The biggest problem for this one was the godawful poster campaign, turning me off straight away.the-hangover

The Hangover revolves around the old Bachelor Party gone Bad meme, 3 friends and the very strange Brother of the Bride go to Vegas and have a brilliant night. So great that they wake up with no memory, a Tiger in the bathroom and one man down. The Groom. What follows is a well plotted exploration of the events of the past night and their desperate attempt to find their friend.

The Hangover raises a few chuckles and manages to pass the time admirably. Moments when the bearded brother reveals he isn't allowed near the school even raise a giggle. Yes the film is mindless but it is a fun mindless. Hinged to an above par story that can withstand the usual scrutiny the hangover is quite passable fun. Oh, and it has Heather Grahams right breast in it!


Breast you say!

Paul out…

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