Monday, 11 January 2010

The Final Destination

The Final Destination is the fourth in a line of all films that seems to be ever increasing. Seemingly destined to end badly in a parody of the original formula we see the cracks already beginning here. I should make it clear that I am reviewing the non migraine inducing 2d version by the way. I like my brain to remain inside my skull and 3d films are hardly conducive to that.vlcsnap-00109

As the sequel of a sequels of a sequel TFD has a lot to do if it is to remain fresh and new. It seems to do this by judicious application of gore and the 3D gimmick. This in itself does set it apart from the previous films which, while not shying away from the visceral, did not embrace it as fully as this outing, and overall the effect is brilliant. Head get torn of, eyes sliced, bodies cubed, there is even a sex scene which is something i though I would never see in a horror again (thanks censorship boards!). Does it work to create a roister doistering romp of a scarefest, reimagining and recapturing the thrill of the first film? No. The film is fine but we have seen it. The premonition bit has been done to death by it predecessors and they even have the cheek to redo the, walks out – gets run down, gag. The real pisser is the absolute cojones they show in doing the “premonition shown as real but not really so you can fix it later” trick TWICE. Once more and we will equal the take off scenes in 2012!vlcsnap-00101

So its rubbish then? No I didn’t say that. The film is adequate and if you haven't seen the others I imagine would be great fun. The main problem with it all now is that you know exactly what is going to happen and it normally involves ridiculous Rube Goldberg style freak accidents, yes it does give the impression that danger is everywhere but as well it makes it seem like a bad episode (all of them!) of Casualty in the process.  vlcsnap-00116

That's the crux of it for me. In the earlier films you could believe that death was pushing the odd button, squeezing a pipe here and there, twisting a dial. Here its like almost every death has to be miss-signalled, with a massive chain reaction sometime being totally irrelevant to the characters final demise. I don't want to play “guess the death” anymore, cant we just play “scary shit happens”? There we have it. Nothing unexpected actually really happens (give or take some flying wheels) it is all telegraphed from a a mile away (unless it is one of the misleads mentioned, then its just arbitrary and annoying). Don’t avoid this film, just don't expect too much, oddly fans of the series will probably get less from it then new viewers.

Paul out…and checking gas dials, plug sockets, parking brakes, irons, windows, boilers…

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