Monday, 18 January 2010

Diary of the Dead 2007

Up to now I have been quite a proponent of this style of movie.  Films such as Paranormal Activity, the Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield all work perfectly in the hand held format. This is one of the first film that I would say it fails in. Other things, of course, make Diary fail as well. The acting is abysmal and the plot strangely like Swiss Cheese (despite this being a Romero Work) but the biggest problem really is the camera work. I fail to accept that the camera would continue to be used in the situations it is and the addition of other footage from other sources, while clever, poses storage questions for the media in general.vlcsnap-00008I take exception at the drunkard cynical professor and the Black Panther style “posse” that our heroes encounter seem to undo every piece of positive racial imagery that Romero has build in the previous movies. Effects are very well done but occasionally detract from the reality (acid that burns through skulls in seconds, skulls that split like jelly and a drunkard with an archery aim like William Tell) and this also adds to the flaws in the film.

I guess the last film that didn’t grip me is that i didn’t really care about anyone present, one thing Romero does really well is the Base Under Siege and this really didn't show here, instead we get “annoying twats in a Winnebago” roaming around an inexplicably empty America. (Why was the hospital quite so deserted?)

The poorly plotted icing on the cake came when the heroes are robbed by some National Guard…who take everything but their weapons…and cameras…and women (sorry but hey, men have needs right?) and Zombies in swimming pools that cant climb out until the time is right. vlcsnap-00009

I’m sorry to say that the film felt like someone ripping off Romero, when you hear that the man himself was responsible its quite baffling how it managed to be so poor. Not awful but poor, something of a first for George in my book.

Paul out…and walking real slow (unless someone comes near then i can grab bloody quickly)

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