Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Zombieland is a hugely fun romp through a bastard Gestalt of Shaun of the Dead, The Romero Remakes and 28 Days Later. Its tongue is badly in danger of exiting through its cheek throughout the film and the narrative trick of using titles that are seemingly physically in the scene is hugely effective.

Our lead character is the anal Columbus who has drawn up a long (and accurate yet humorous) list of rules for zombie survival (like always belt up!) which taps into the huge and as yet largely untapped (barring Shaun of course) vat of zombie based humour. As was the case with the original Scary Movie it is largely effective and not yet tired.I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

There are of course huge plot holes such as endless ammo, fuel and bizarrely self operating fairground rides (not the mention the electricity!) but you know what I don't care. It was fun.

In the world of Hollywood there never is 100% perfect though and sadly Zombieland has a hugely flawed midsection. Seemingly through a “novelty plotline” idea the story drags to an absolute grinding halt, becoming an unbecoming exercise in reverence and hero worship. On paper I'm sure it looked great but to my mind it fatally marrs what would otherwise have been a very tight, enjoyable and outstandingly stylish zombie comedy.

Oh and zombie clowns fucking kick arse!You want a fucking balloon kiddies?

Paul out…

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