Friday, 18 December 2009

Serious Quitters Arcade (Sponsored Post)

Sponsored Post

I have been asked to take a look at Pfizers Serious Quitters Arcade so here we go with what looks to a be a simple but very polished website.

The concept is clean and clear and we are left in no doubt that the fun hides a serious message, the site really exists as a conduit to help those that wish to quit smoking access the tools and support to do so.

I have quite an odd perspective on this one as I am a lifelong confirmed non-smoker (seriously not one puff!) I blame this on my rubbish peers, where was the pressure guys? On a sensible note though quitting smoking is a very serious business and companies like Pfizer are realising it can also be a profitable business. One way to exploit this trend is by direct advertising of your products but this can be seen as cynical and exploitative. Instead campaigners need another way to bring their products to light.

Quitters arcade is a nice way of doing this. Its a reasonably simple website with three firmly old school arcade style games embedded in it, each with a smoking theme. You have the side scrolling shooter, platform and test of skill games all well rendered and presented along with a netwide scoreboard for the more competitive amongst us. This is also nicely linked to Facebook and embeddable in blogs etc. As to whether it could help you quit or not I don’t know but it certainly can keep your fingers occupied and that's a step in the right direction! As I said in opening it also provides a nice stepping off portal for more serious ways to tackle the addiction and deep down I think that that is really all it is trying to do.

Here have a go at Bin ‘um

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