Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Killing Room (2009)

Doesn’t that trailer make it look good eh?

Well it isn't. It has been compared with Saw and I also see parallels with Cube but unlike both of those its plotting and characterisation is awful. The central conceit (the government experimenting on civilians (that's the true events by the way)) is sound, but awfully executed with the whole thing coming off as an exercise in torture rather then a grooming program.

It is difficult to go into great detail with this as to reveal too much would destroy the movie as finding out exactly what is occurring is the only real hook to continue watching. It is a reasonable hook and the reason for the test is good (if a little improbable) for the few minutes before your brain decides it really is a bollocks idea! Music business failing Edge?This is also one of those films that fuck with your mind…and not for the reasons that it should. The hoity toity scientist chick looks familiar? Its Chloe Sevigny so you have probably (if you are male) seen her sucking Vincent Gallos cock in THAT scene from “The Brown Bunny” (has anyone actually watched the whole of that film?) the chap in the woolly hat looks familiar and then you fall in that it is because he looks like the win of U2s “The Edge”. Add to this Marcie from the Buffy Season One episode “Out of Sight, Out of Mind (invisible kid)” and you have a film that will fuck with your mind. As far as the plot goes…well you know what is happening if not why so the mystery is non existent. I actually found it very hard going and rather dull.Marcie! Nice to see you became visible again.

Avoid or rent if nothing else is around.

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