Saturday, 19 December 2009

Gamer (2009)

Every now and then somebody has an idea, a concept. Normally they are pissed up playing something like second life and they say…”wouldn't it be sick if these dudes were real?” which leads to “WTF if CS:S was real lolz that wud Roxxers dud3”. Ok maybe I am ridiculing the film and game players more then they deserve because Gamer is actually one of the more acceptable game based movies I have seen. It obviously was written by someone that has seen a computer (a real one NOT a Mac!)

Gamer takes the concept of a real avatar and runs with it, managing to flesh out a reasonable film from what could have been a very tired premise very quickly. Instead the pervert played second life style “Society” and the Modern Warfare style “Slayers” work in the dystopian society in which they are set. The film is heavily redolent of Bladerunner and The Running Man but still manages to put its own twist on those future nightmares.vlcsnap-00031It was rather odd to see Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan) in a movie role and as this is normally one of those signs of a really bad film. In this case the fears are unfounded and, despite some ropey CGI cityscapes (the ads in particular) the film manages to pass the time admirably.

Cinematography is patchy and varies from dark and simple to absolutely outstanding. As you can see from the screenshots in some of the HD scenes you could count the pores on Kables (Gerard “Leonidas” Butler) face. Music also is patchy with what would seem to be a small amount of cash put into the score. What seems to have happened here is a budget spent on effects, this does pay off spectacularly however even if it does leave the film feeling somewhat unbalances lurching at times between TV Movie and Hollywood Blockbuster in style. vlcsnap-00035The demographic that is appealed to here is the Gamer and I can see this audience lapping this one up. It doesn't bear much examination under the microscope but neither do some of the classic pivotal sci-fi’s and this is no bad thing as it really is film to watch, enjoy and put away.

An aspect that has been glossed over in trailers and reviews for the “violence” angle is the second game featured called society. This one is virtually a step for step mirror of the game Second Life with costumes, looks and styles almost frame for frame like those seen in game. This was extremely disturbing, almost more so then the killing, as player gave up their existence to entertain paying customers. In essence becoming whores to the game. With no limits in this society real people truly do become toys. vlcsnap-00040With movie adaptations on gaming subjects looking more and more like the Pacman trailer below Gamer is a great shot in the arm, maybe at last games are hitting the mainstream.

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