Monday, 21 December 2009


If there is one thing Hollywood has taught me its this…NEVER TRUST THE TRAILER. In this case its a good thing because that trailer really doesn't do Elf justice. Rather then being a silly slapstick loonfest as depicted in the trail it is actually a reasonably well thought out and heart-warming Christmas story.

Ferrel as Buddy the adopted elf is excellent but to be honest the entire cast shine in particular the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel, scary James Caan and Bob Newheart as the delightfully deadpan Papa Elf. vlcsnap-00044Elf really is just a silly Christmas movie but it is one with style and head and shoulder above the general saccharine tinted nonsense that we are normally treated to. I avoided Elf for far too long. Well worth a look.

One particular scene of note is when Buddy hears Santa is coming to the Department Store and confronts the imposter…

Paul out…and sitting on a “Throne of Lies”

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