Thursday, 17 December 2009

American Psycho

An oldie for today's review however for me it is as fresh as the day it was filmed as this was my first viewing. American Psycho is a VERY strange film. Its funny without being a comedy, shocking without being a thriller and dramatic without being a drama. In fact I’m not really sure what American Psycho really is. vlcsnap-00027

What I am sure of though is that it is a very well crafted and highly entertaining film. Bale, in my very humble opinion, isn't actually a very good actor. He is wooden and stilted though he does win the De’Niro award for “the method”.  Wooden and stilted works brilliantly for the Bateman character however and when he dead pans likes like the one the the trailer above “i like to dissect girls” it comes across brilliantly. What doesn't work so well is the emotional psycho parts of the act such at the chainsaw attack again in the trailer, Bateman is so much more effective when he is cold.

The dialogue in the film is brilliant, like Tarantino on a good day entire conversations about nonsense hold your attention and leave you knowing more about things you couldn't care less over! Many of these dialogs are juxtaposed with scenes of extreme violence so when you hear Patrick eulogising about the latest Whitney album…watch your back.

We see Bateman in a downward spiral as he struggles to contain his narcissist rages and the film ends brilliantly with such ambiguity that you will be thinking for ever more about what you have actually been watching. What's more you will keep changing your mind!vlcsnap-00028

American Psycho plays wonderfully with the yuppie ideal, all our yuppies are carbon copy arseholes. From their designer suits to their cream business cards with raised san serif bespoke fonts. Even they cant tell themselves apart. How anyone keeps sane is a moot point.vlcsnap-00029

So we are left with a conclusion that poses the question. Is Bateman insane or insane and murderous? Both options leave you concerned at the society that lets him continue either way.

Oh and 80s music rocks!

Paul out… (if in a few years time Bale plays a character called Baman something is wrong)

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