Thursday, 10 December 2009


Deep Impact with internal rather then external causes.

  • World affecting event / check
  • Government cover-up / check
  • Black president / check
  • Troubled families / check
  • Member of public suspects something / check
  • Landmarks destroyed / check
  • Cream of society or richest section taken to safest place / check
  • Original / negative/negative/negative

Add some

  • Repetitive unrealistic space/chase scenes
  • Oodles and oodles of CGI
  • People looking worried

Error abort review. 2012 fairly entertaining, massively overrated, unrealistic and unoriginal. Yes it has eye popping effects but you know what? I found them strangely ineffective, when California falls it does so like a video game cut scene and with less pathos. Yawn. Oh look some CGI how pretty. Like Emmerichs previous “epics” such as Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 suffers hugely from style over substance. To its credit, however, once the world starts to end the story does kick it up a notch and give the stamina to endure to the end and again…to its credit, it is a good end.

Paul out…and heading to Africa

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