Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Terror Vision (1986)

Ahhhh those halcyon days of VHS and the local rental shop. 50p rack, £2.50 for the latest, jumpers for goalposts. Splendid.

That was when I first saw Terror Vision. It stuck with me for the next 20 odd years even leading me to decry the band Terrorvision as cheap knock off merchants. On the reviewing as a fully formed and intelligent (shut it) adult one thing suddenly becomes obvious… Its actually very, very cheap!vlcsnap-00066

The acting is direful and the story swings wildly, with not one sympathetic character it really is a difficult film to get behind and for very large swathes seems like you are just passing time. It lacks originality (beyond the central concept of course) and the “person that we can contact on the TV” has already been done far more effectively in Fright Night. The household is interesting with every 80s stereotype shown and, if it wasn't actually made in that period, you would easily write it off as a parody!

Unfortunately much as I liked Terror Vision in my formative years, I find it has nothing to please the adult in me, it so badly wants to be a grown up scary film but can’t quite manage. It wants to be a comedy but cant manage that. Midway it becomes a “misunderstood beast” story…poorly. My recommendation is to turn your speakers up and enjoy the latter day slice of Terrorvision below. Sorry guys, after 206 years I guess you ARE more worthy of the name after all.

Paul out..

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