Friday, 13 November 2009

The Prophecy

Again I think i have chosen a fairly well known film to denigrate, sorry about that. I KNOW I have seen this in the past, the idea of Christopher Walken as an Angel is so ingrained that I am sure he played lots of other ones…computer says no however. So what the problem, the film is obviously memorable? Well, no. That's exactly the problem. Scenes and images are memorable. The general gist of the film is memorable but the film itself? Nah.vlcsnap-00001

Its rather a slog and I found myself checking the DVD time to see how much is left, thats one step before turning it off. Concepts were intriguing but the film limps along so badly that it is critically flawed in its pacing. Add to this the strange relevance of Thomas the priest/detective who is approached by Simon the Angel then doggedly continues to investigate afterwards for no well explained reason (perhaps Gods plan, but its portrayed more as “he just does…OK”) and the strange intermixing of theology (why are we following Native American beliefs when we have living breathing angelic proof that they are wrong!) vlcsnap-00003

Other things that bother me are Gabriels and Simons eyes and the other angels lack of the same? Why do some have eyes and some none, why are they mortal (as stated) but so hard to kill? As we see Gabriel's lackeys get killed why do they not just finish themselves to end it? Who sent the angel to kill Simon, where are the rest of the heavenly host, surely they can spare some more and get it done with, its not like they care whether we see them? Why go along with him anyway? What was the gimp doing with Lucifer? Why bother even doing anything if Lucifer can just end it? Why can Lucifer take part at all surely he is not allowed to interfere in Heavenly affairs anymore? Why does the soul of evil manifest itself so solidly, surely the concept is to take the knowledge etc, what's that got to do with the soul?

So The Prophecy has me asking question after question after question. Never good, perhaps the film could have explained itself better, if this had been the case however then it would have lasted even longer, which wouldn't be good.vlcsnap-00002

High points: Walkens Gabriel. Famous faces (Aragorn as Satan!)

Low points: Plot holes, silly sniffing.

he Prophecy is a case of Fancy Pants but Skinny Legs for me. Sorry.

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