Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Hills Run Red 2009

This is a semi-intelligent slasher if such a thing exists and I must admit for the most of it I enjoyed what was served up.

The basic plotline is that a movie obsessed amateur director goes all out to find a lost copy of the controversial film “The Hills Run Red” which was destroyed shortly after release. Only the trailer remains. Finding the only traceable crewmember Alexa, the lapdancing daughter of the Director he and two friends go on a trek to track down a copy, only to find that the film may have contained more method acting then originally supposed, and more is to come.vlcsnap-00005

Of course the Snuff movie dressed up as fake is not a new concept and something that caused problems when Cannibal Holocaust was released. What is the strength of this film however is the level of which the borders are blurred. Unfortunately the early planning results in the building of a house of cards that turn this initially promising film into something that the genre is not lacking. A mindless romp full of tits, screaming and blood. If, like me, that isn't necessarily a bad thing then take a look. Tack on what amounts to a pretty sucky ending and you have a flawed but interesting piece worthy of an evenings entertainment.vlcsnap-00016

Paul out…

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