Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Say what you want about Sacha Baron Cohen. You can call him crass, offensive, unfunny, stupid. One thing that is blatantly apparent however is that he has the largest set of bollocks ever given to a man. In the film Bruno, which seems so annoying and stupid in the awful (as usual) Hollywood trailer he again exposes bigotry and stupidity in everyday people in a way that took me from smiling to downright amazement at points. There is a huge amount in this film so I wont babble on as such. Its is well worth a look however and here are some pictorial highlights.

vlcsnap-00031 Unnatural sex (note the bungy rope!)

vlcsnap-00038Paula Abdul sitting on Mexicans for an interview!

vlcsnap-00040 The response to Brunos TV show proposal (perhaps it was the dancing penis?)

vlcsnap-00041 He interviews Ron Paul (shortly before he tries to seduce him)

vlcsnap-00043 Tries to bring peace to the Middle East

vlcsnap-00044 Tells a Terrorist leader that Osama is like a smelly old wizard or a dirty Santa Claus

vlcsnap-00045 Adopts an African child (well swaps him for a red U2 iPod)

vlcsnap-00046 Gets a string of pushy parents to agree to putting their babies in perilous and unhealthy situations.

vlcsnap-00047 Takes OJ on a chat show….with a largely Black and puritanical audience.

vlcsnap-00050 Upsets a hotel manager.

vlcsnap-00051 Asks for help from an anti gay rally

vlcsnap-00052 Gets a karate teacher to show him how to defend against gay attack (armed with dildos)

vlcsnap-00053 Upsets some US reservist trainers.

vlcsnap-00056 Tries to seduce an (armed) redneck “good old boy”

vlcsnap-00058And goes to a swingers party.

The climax is such that the ballsiness of Sasha shines through. In all seriousness I am surprised he has not yet been lynched…or is it ALL a massive deception?

I seriously recommend taking a look at Bruno, particularly if Borat tickled the right places. Avoid if easily offended. If you are however why are you reading my blog anyway! Fuck off :P

Paul out.

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