Friday, 2 October 2009

Star Trek (2009)

With the DVD release of this in November I thought it was time to stop sitting on my thoughts and air them. You see Star Trek has me strangely conflicted. Lets take a look at the trailer.

You see Star Trek is a good film, not a brilliant film like some devotes of action would have you believe nor rubbish like hardcore Trekkies would have it. It is a good action movie but even in that it has some massive flaws.vlcsnap-2009-10-02-20h57m50s212

First off lets solve the Star Trek problem. You see partway into this film I had an epiphany. DC comics run a Graphic Novel series called Elseworlds. They take established characters and put them into new contexts. One such example is called “Batman Vs Dracula”. Elseworlds work because once you accept that this is a DIFFERENT version of he thing you love so much you can accept it. Star Trek is an elseworld. Things look different because its a reimagining (and a dreadful term that is!) but it does broadly fit in the spectrum of the Trek universe.

The story is interesting and reasonably well plotted but even by Star Trek terms it takes huge liberties with physics, science in general and just honest to goodness logic. Although the characters are well portrayed the massive deus-ex-machinas such as the wonderful, black hole creating “Red Matter” and the ability of black holes to elicit time travel alongside such HUGE coincidences as Kirk meeting both Old Spock and Scotty on the very planet he happens to have been marooned on spoil it for me. Couple this with ships that architecturally seem huge internally, with some very strange planning in the case of the Enterprise in particular and you have a tragically flawed movie. Which is a shame as with a tighter script I could really have gone for this film. vlcsnap-2009-10-02-22h13m41s165I guess what I am saying is that deep down I don't really like it. Yes I can turn my brain off and enjoy the gorgeousness of it all but something stops me from giving my heart. The odd thing is that the reasons I didn't like it were not what I expected and probably the very reason that it is so popular, if it had stuck to its Trek roots it would have been slow, stimulating and eventually unpleasing for all but Trek experts. The film fails to take the mantle and run with the reboot as solidly as it could, as a film that would alienate Trek fans anyway the nods to established continuity were miniscule and wasted against the glaring changes from what we know of Trek history all of which happen before the timeline really starts to diverge (a good example is the knowledge of Romulans and their link to Vulcans which simply didn't exist in Kirks time). Alongside with the warehouse / steel mill looks of Enterprises’ engineering decks and some really bizarre water cooling systems and you have a film that really is rather…well…broken.

Paul out…and bemoaning the missed opportunity for a truly great film.

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