Saturday, 10 October 2009


Another from that stable of “films you should one day watch” is Goodfellas. Brutal and brilliantly directed by Scorsese the film rockets along as a Biopic of the Gangster Henry Hill spanning his entire career for 30 years. Of course the film being Mafia based the similarities with The Godfather are obvious but this film is wholly more visceral and always feels far more realistic. vlcsnap-2009-10-10-15h00m15s34

Of particular note is Scorseses direction which is some case is truly inspired (the 3 minute single shot steadycam Club Scene springs immediately to mind) and the oft quoted profanity really fails to even impact me. In the context of he film it is perfectly apt. Anyone that will “whack” a guy simply because he took the piss isn't going to worry about the odd mention of fuck. vlcsnap-2009-10-10-15h47m35s25

The story is expertly narrated by Ray Liotta from the perspective of his character, a choice which all falls clearly into place at the end of the movie. Also of note are the truly brilliant De Niro and insane Joe Pesci. If I ever meet either in the street I will honestly shit myself they play the psychopath so well!

Goodfellas is a fantastic film. It’s a shame it took me 19 years to find this out but hey ho and if I ever needed reminding why I write this stuff Goodfellas is a good one. I may never have bothered to take a look if I wasn’t doing this blog.vlcsnap-2009-10-10-20h16m29s95

Paul out…and hoping not to get whacked.

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