Sunday, 18 October 2009

El Orfanato (The Orphanage)

I wont start this review with the customary trailer. Instead I must release some invective. FUCK YOU Guillermo del Toro Fuck You sideways! No man should have to endure tears at the end of a horror/psycho thriller movie. Damn you and your perfectly crafted art you goddamn Muddy-Funster you! Now the trailer for what you have probably guessed is going to be an absolutely glowing review.

The first decision is to post the far superior Spanish trailer rather then the American version which doesn't seem to represent the movie at all!vlcsnap-2009-10-18-20h10m24s143El Orfanato is truly outstanding. Stop reading this, go and buy a copy. OK then read this first but honestly…buy it! Del Toro has expertly crafted a subtle thriller that raises its game steadily throughout the movie providing jumps, unnerving moments and tears. Laura moves back to her childhood home, an orphanage, with the hope of building a school for special children. Her son Simon tells her of the small children that are there including Tomos that he meets in a beachside cave. Of course children have invisible friends but these SEEM to be more than all in his mind.PDVD_005The filming is superb relying heavily on plot, music, tension and effects to portray brilliantly the events in a way that European cinema does so well. The budget I guess was low, but it has been so well spent that every penny shines through in set design, locations and sheer style. What style, del Toro provides us with another expertly crafted film that leads you softly through events. Telling you in the reactions of the cast what is happening. Then, as he is so brilliant at doing, he kicks your stool away. PDVD_002

The Orphanage is one of the rare one off stories that hinges perfectly on itself from start to finish. As a ghost story it swings from sinister to spooky to strangely upsetting and I think that is the crux of my opening rant. You see, you know that feeling at the back of the throat where you cant swallow, you eyes feel swollen in their sockets. You hope nobody talks to you because you are not sure that your voice will work. Well without spoilers, El Orfanato ends with that feeling. Can you think of ANY other film in the horror stable that can do that?PDVD_011I really cannot recommend El Orfanato enough. Its the best film and the easiest review I have had in a very long time. What are you waiting for?

Of course no review is without its shadow. In this case the rumour that it is to be remade in Hollywood and all the fear that that generates in this case. Judging by the American trailer for the Spanish version its a fuckup ready to happen.PDVD_016

Paul out…and drying up now!

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