Sunday, 11 October 2009


Carrie is bloody awful. Sorry let me rephrase that. The way that they treat Carrie is bloody awful. The film by Brian DePalma is fucking fantastic but incredibly disturbing. For those no in the know Carrie is based of the Stephen King book of the same title. Carrie White is the misfit, she isn't pretty, she has a weird mother and she simply is the perfect high school foil. What make Carrie special is that she has the power of Telekinesis which exhibits when she gets angry.PDVD_021

Carrie has lead such a closeted life that she has no idea what is occurring when she experiences her first period, in the shower, after PT. Her peers ridicule her while she is afraid for her very life. This sets in motion a series of events that will culminate in destruction and death.

One thing that I find particularly disturbing is Carries own similarities (perceived or real) with my own life. Feeling on the outside – check, different from others – check, geeky – check, physically inferior – check. I guess these are feelings that every person has to a greater or lesser degree to some extent and the ability to punish our tormentor with a psychic ability like Carries truly does sound like a good deal.PDVD_042Anyway back to the film. Brians film really is spectacular with some amazing tracking shots and not one bad performance form his cast of (at that time) largely unknown faces. We have Nancy (Robocop) Allen, John (lots of shit) Travolta (or as my novelisation has it “Traviola”) and William (House) Katt to name but three. The true strength seems to be on contrasts with Carries perfect, wonderful, amazing and spectacular senior prom descending into the worst night of her life in a split second. When she turns to her own mother for help is it there? Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.PDVD_063One thing that always strikes me about Carrie is its essential sadness. Nobody escapes unscathed and Carries redemption, her emergence from her cocoon is only a single perfect night away. One bucket of blood ruins everything.PDVD_076Paul out…and still feeling sorry for an imaginary girl in an imaginary story. Soft git.

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