Saturday, 5 September 2009

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

Star Trek IV is regarded by many aficionados of the genre as one of the finest films bar Khan. Amongst the non Trek public it is often regarded as “The brilliant one with the Whales” I subscribe to neither of these viewpoints. It seems with Star Trek I always end up being bloody minded. You see Star Trek 4 is a great film with some weaker moments and flashes of sheer brilliance. As far as the series goes I still regard it as inferior to The Search For Spock for several reasons.PDVD_008

Emotionally the film is bereft with very little in the way of passion and oddly Kirk seems to have forgotten about David entirely even though he is still torn up over it by in Star Trek 6. It always has struck me as being a damn site cheaper then its predecessors with the contemporary setting a poor excuse for the lack of budget. Time travel also sits poorly in Star Trek for me. It never fits comfortably in my view of the Star Trek universe and the relative ease in which it is obtained does make me wonder why it isn't done more. I am also bothered by the inconsistencies of warp travel, where warp 6 or 7 is often seen as a comfortable stroll but warp 2 when you are trying a slingshot shakes the entire ship. One final major bug for me is the use of the Cloaking Device in this one. Even in space you see a blur but stick in in a park and it becomes a fully invisible ship. Odd and out of keeping with the mythos. That aside it does have some fantastic moments also.PDVD_009

I'm from Iowa I only work in Outer Space is a truly immortal line, along with all the silly Nuclear Wessal stuff. The return of Spock to a more normal state and the swearing jokes are well done and the acting is great overall. Although the probe is an identical plot devise to v-ger in the first film it is excellently realised and works well as an almighty avatar of blind threat. The punishment of Kirk is also magically handled with the demotion to Captain seeming such an apt move, the decision to wrap it as a punishment is truly a poke in the eye to the arrogant Klingons.

As a part of a loose trilogy he Voyage Home works well bringing he death of Spock full circle and returning the crew back to the Enterprise to continue their voyages. Unfortunately from this point on there is far less coherence between films and some are far to poor to stand on their own.PDVD_011

Star Trek 4 is a great film but not the brilliant one that we would be lead to believe. Rather it is a crowd pleaser on a budget.

Paul out…and off for a tour of some dwinking wessals

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