Thursday, 24 September 2009

A Simple Plan

A simple plan was recommended to me by my friend Julie, the last film she recommended was a Chick Flick (GHOST TOWN) so forgive me if approach the next recommendation with trepidation.

Of course my trepidation was unwarranted as A Simple Plan is a very good film with no sign of an unexpected pairing between wacky misfits in an unusual situation. A simple plan is far from simple with twist and turns all the way. It follows the rough storyline of a group of men (brother with initially high ideals and poor, brother with no ideals and piss poor and piss poor almost hobo friend) who discover a downed plane stuffed to the gills with $4 million dollars.vlcsnap-2009-09-24-10h46m39s220Of course the simple plan to acquire this goes swiftly awry with lashings of murder along the way.

The film in itself was excellently produced with a fantastic cast and generally believable storyline. I say generally because that is where it falls down for me. By the time the film reaches its very grim climax this seems at such odds with the rest of the film that I felt that Bill Paxtons character had stepped firmly outside the bounds of reality. This, in my view, poor conclusion to the story really hampers what is otherwise an excellent film. To be fair its not because of the ending itself, I can happily accept the conclusion apart from one simple action of Bill Paxton's character which I simply cannot see occurring.

Overall however, well worth a watch. Thanks Julie.

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