Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This film is another in the stable of “must watch it one day”. Well it finally happened. Rocky Horror is a fantastically popular musical extravaganza with transvestites, oddballs and bizarre sequences galore. It has a huge devoted following and is much loved. Which I find rather inexplicable because it truly is complete and utter shite.vlcsnap-2009-09-28-14h55m20s134

Unfortunately the time I spent watching this was solely devoted to checking out Susan Sarandon in her underwear. The songs are excruciatingly bad, taking their lead directly from “The big book of bad rhyming”. Sets are utilitarian acting (excepting three notable performances) is downright shameful and plotline is completely absent. I am willing to bet that Richard O’Brian simply wrote this as a laugh and was amazed at its success. Either that or he is clinically insane. vlcsnap-2009-09-29-13h33m46s166

Now it being utter shite aside, Tim Curry as Frank’N’Furter is outstanding as are Susan Saranden and Charles Grey. The reactions of Brad and Janet as they enter the strange world is another strength of the production but there is little else to go in its favour. Now whether the stage play is better I cannot comment. I’m guessing the spectacle of it being live makes up for the story's massive shortcomings. On celluloid however these are glaring and Rocky Horror is truly grotesque, overblown and painful.

Paul Out…

PS and my chair broke while watching it, I wouldn’t say I harbour a grudge but….

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