Sunday, 20 September 2009

Return of the Living Dead 3

I was hugely disappointed by this outing in the comedy version of Living Dead films. The basic idea behind all of them is the the living dead first emerged due to a gas which reanimated the dead. These dead were then contained in vats and every now and then the gas and dead escape.vlcsnap-2009-09-20-20h05m43s151

We have an experimental station as the premise for this one with the tired idea of biological warfare, the idea being that they are looking on how to contain the threat once the zombies do their job. Of course the laughably slow tranq gun will be all so effective on the entire uncontrollable continent of zombies that would be caused by sending these troops in but what the hey.vlcsnap-2009-09-20-20h20m14s230The film is greatly hampered by the significant lack of threat (and zombies) with most of the 1st hour revolving around the head of the science labs son and his slutty girlfriend (who has been killed and revived) trying to avoid capture and the temptation for her to chew on people heads. It seems like an exercise in bizarre fetishism with pain being the only way she can control her brain fever giving rise to more piercings then on the average Death Metal fan. This culminates in her emergence as glass shard zombie woman. The problem with all this is that neither her nor her boyfriend are particularly likeable and all i was really looking out for was the next glimpse of breast (and the chance to confirm her REAL hair colour) and this was generally ruined by the fake breasts (or appliance covered ones) with spikes and shards of metal shoved through them. vlcsnap-2009-09-20-21h15m46s13The film then ends rather oddly with more access given to the son in the secret army base then to your average Daily Mail reporter at Heathrow on a presidential visit day, thus bringing about the needed zombie attack scenes. However this is far too little far too late and the final solution seems daft given that absolutely nothing has been gained during the course of the film.

Oh and a note to the stuck up army chick. Zombies in exoskeletons=bad idea. vlcsnap-2009-09-20-21h16m19s85Overall the film did come across as pretty awful with uninteresting characters, comedy Hispanics and very little humour for what is essentially part of a comedy franchise. Take a look if you want but don't spend too much money on this one and don't expect too much fun to be had.

Paul out…

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