Monday, 7 September 2009

The Mask (1994)

One thing that is strangely anachronistic about The Mask, particularly when you consider that it is barely 15 years old, is its attitude to smoking. Portraying it as cool, fashionable and ever so sexy. Of course not flinching from portraying it at all. Compare this with the Hollywood of today where it seems that Smoking only exists in the real world and the land of villains and it seems bizarre. I really don’t know what it means, as a non-smoker I like to see less of it onscreen but I don’t know how I feel about something that seems as obvious a policy change as this. (for an even more extreme example compare this with Alien (1979) where the only ones not puffing away endlessly were the cat and the Alien itself. Anyway that's out of the way.vlcsnap-2009-09-07-14h54m25s183

The Mask is a fantastic romp and about the only film (apart from “The Truman Show”) with Jim Carrey in that I don't want to forcibly insert a cars tailpipe into his rectum. You see Carrey can be the Mask as he is unremittingly annoying. That's OK because The Mask himself is unremittingly annoying. That said, he is watchable annoying. The Mask works brilliantly as a live action cartoon with so many cartoon moments it is almost magical. The basic premise of a Mask that augments your deepest, hidden traits is simple and would have been oh, so easy to fudge but this film takes the daft concept and makes an equally daft film. As I have often said, I can accept daftness onscreen as long as it isn’t packed up in po-faced sensibilities. This is where The Mask excels, it knows the film is stupid so why not revel in it. The end result is infinitely watchable and the debut of Cameron Diaz is breathtaking. Considering its 15year vintage the effects are still outstanding and although obviously CGI are acceptable in the framework of the film.vlcsnap-2009-09-07-14h55m07s85

Well worth a watch.

Paul out…

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