Sunday, 30 August 2009

Twelve Monkeys (1995)

I have a small confession to make. I love this film, perhaps this review isn’t as random as the websites title would imply. Terry Gilliams film is an absolute masterpiece of cinema and one of those films that truly dense people always seem to claim “they don’t get”. In a nutshell… Bruce Willis plays the character of James Cole who is living as a prisoner in the underground society of the future. They were driven there by the advent of a virus that wiped out the majority of the worlds populations starting in 1996. James is used by scientists to find out more about the virus in the hope that they can find a cure in the present. Simples!PDVD_006

It is wonderfully shot with the future dark and oppressive (underground) or empty and cold (outside) the past is shot in a way that perfectly mirrors James Coles psyche with the lunatic asylum scenes being particularly splintered angles are skewed and editing swift. The use of shots also seems to add a degree of distortion to the edges of the frame that helps with the feeling of dislocation.PDVD_010

The score is masterful and perfectly matches the film and acting is simply sublime. A deny anyone who decries Brad Pritt as a no talent pretty boy to watch this film. Bruce Willis breaks free from his usual grunting persona to play James with a true sense of wonder at the joys of the past.

The only thing that niggles me with the film (and it is a truly unfair one) is my dislike of the ending. It is Grim and the capital G is no typo. In fact it is GRIM. I wouldn’t change it though as the feeling of circularity is fantastic James dream bookending with reality. PDVD_026

If you have never seen Twelve Monkeys I heartily recommend it. Just make sure you are not going to get disturbed and don't over think it, it does all make sense in the end.

Paul Out… and mimicking Brads madman routine.

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