Wednesday, 12 August 2009

National Lampoons: Class Reunion

I remember Class Reunion as being a silly but funny laugh a minute romp. When I noticed it was written by the recently departed and sadly missed John Hughes it became worthy of a more discerning adult look. Unfortunately age has its downside and on a more mature viewing the flaws were very noticeable.

Don’t get me wrong Class Reunion is a funny film, not an outrageous laugh fest like I remember but simply funny. Appealing to those of us with a more low-brow sense of humour it is smutty and silly in the mould of Airplane but never manages the style that that classic had. The story, where evident,really is paper thin and the story is essentially a collection of rather odd behaviour by our characters. But enough of the bad. What is good about Class Reunion?vlcsnap-2009-08-11-17h14m34s255

The yearbook predictions of the players at the beginning and the subsequent development to fit those moulds perfectly is sublime. Of special note is Gary (who nobody remembers) and Hubert who has the classic pervert role. One that does provide a laugh out loud moment when he parts the jacket of the School Presidents (popular and cowardly) fianc├ęs jacket and remarks “Nice big jugs!”. vlcsnap-2009-08-11-17h44m35s87 Also of particular note are the brilliant stoners who remark “who are these people”, “We go to high school with them”, “That was 10 years ago”, “what have we been doing man?” and their brilliant solution to the classes plight (being trapped in the school by a vengeful recipient of a graduation prank) “We smoke loads of dope and rescue you all!”Nice big Jugs

Meredith the model is fantastically sexy and also has the brilliant line about hand jobs “I never did that thing, I didn’t want to overdevelop my forearms” and Delores “old Iron Legs” is now fully healed after selling her soul to the devil!

As a character piece Class Reunion is brilliant. Story wise it never really makes any sense and seems like an excuse to play out the characters in situations against each other. I guess in that it succeeds but its a success that feels hollow. Maybe after a few more beers perhaps i would shine  but sober it does nothing more then glint dully, perhaps with the odd sparkle hidden in the depths.I remember this sweater

Paul Out… and planning a Hubert on the next girl introduced to him.

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