Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

This is a remarkably silly 1980s film with the same base rationale as Lesbian Vampire Killers in that if you do not get exactly what the title implies and expect something more then you are mad!PDVD_015

Killer Klowns does exactly what it says on the box but it does it surprisingly well. Although the “comedy” is hilarious and the “horror” isn’t horrifying it does pass the time nice with a wry smile and a slight shudder sitting in my portly frame throughout. The Klowns themselves are gloriously depicted and very, very sinister with surprisingly effective animatronics for what is seemingly a low budget film. We also see a lot of Klowns, far more then i could be bothered to count effectively portraying an invasion more effectively then any of these style of films so far.

The scenes of the Klowns overrunning the town are also brilliantly done with the “pizza” scene standout amongst this sequence. Holy FUCK I'm on a diet. 

Of course the story is pure nonsense and thankfully is accepted as such. Beside a few throwaway line about cultural impact from previous visits the fact that they look like clowns is essentially glossed over. This is because it really doesn't matter, somebody somewhere said “lets make a stupid film with scary clowns in it”, his mate said “great idea, now pass the horse!” (which I am unreliably informed is a name for Heroin).

Don't expect highbrow, don't expect fear but do expect to be entertained for around two hours. Isn’t that what cinema is all about, it can’t all be blockbusters after all.Balloon Bloodhound

Paul out… and not sleeping tonight,

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