Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Cannibal Ferox: Uncut (1981)

If Cannibal Holocaust was great potential let down by bad decisions, Cannibal Ferox is more a no potential let down by nothing. Overall I was greatly disappointed with what I was hoping would be in the same league as Holocaust, only to discover its not even the same sport.

Ferox has a ridiculously unbelievable plot of 3 students (well one student, her brother and some slapper) going for a wander in he deadly Amazon to disprove cannibalism! Cannibals aside these twats deserve to die a hideous death anyway.PDVD_036

The music swings to adequate for the Jungle scenes and hideous Porno track for the New York scenes and the less said about the acting the better…but I’m not that kind of guy. It’s dreadful and blatantly clear that English is not their first language. There are also some glaringly bad translation errors in the film along the lines of referring to a drug called “Horse” and whole lines of seeming gibberish and odd inflections. (If horse does exist as a drug  then PLEASE drop me a line!) For god sake woman BUY A BRA

The vaunted gore is pretty tame all in all with only the breast hanging and penectomy (clearly NOT a castration) standing out at all. All of the other gore is badly filmed animal deaths and almost of the level of “National Geographic” inserts rather then seeming to be a real part of the story, at least Holocaust could boast that much however misplaced it was. While we are on the subject of Penectomies, if I ever have my old fella lopped off i hope I remain as mobile as the drugged up Horse sniffing lunatic Mike!

Even the natives don't actually act, and all they have to do is be native. Instead they just sit around covered in mud (wouldn’t that be rather annoying?)You TOO!

Overall if you are looking for an enjoyable film crippled by bad decisions and disturbing gore then watch Holocaust. If you want some overrated schlock that really is not the indigestible cannibal treat that it is vaunted to be watch Ferox. Then cry over the time you wasted.

Paul out…and realising that Video Nasties were a great way of protecting us from SHITE.

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