Thursday, 2 July 2009

Watchmen (2009)

Imagine a world were superheroes existed. Then think a little more about how this will affect society. Think about the frailties of the human mind… how does this affect your heroes. What about the public, are they bound to love them. How will the butterfly effect change our world if superheroes had existed in the past. Its a good question isn't it. Watchmen is a fantastic answer.vlcsnap-46824

I read Alan Moore's comic as a sweaty teen and remember being particularly confused. I found the plot hard to follow and it just wasn’t “comic” enough for me. Maybe that is why I found the film a resounding success.

Without returning to the graphic novel I will find it hard to definitively pin down why the movie works where the comic failed with me. Maybe it is the benefit of 20 more years and a more cynical head on my shoulders. Perhaps the story is re-jigged to flow more naturally, it certainly seems that way. What I found was that I was watching something that seemed familiar but strange and I enjoyed every minute of it. vlcsnap-158886

Music is outstanding with a mix of low key and effective incidental music and brilliantly utilised pop including a great montage set to Dylon that illustrates perfectly how the world sees our “heroes”.

The casting is fantastic with a great crew of unknown to low key actors really fitting their roles (and their excellent costumes) and the film almost hits the right pitch of violence and nudity set in previous Moore adaptations like 300 and Sin City, (EDIT NOTE: AS POINTED OUT BY A COMMENTATOR BELOW, THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG! ALL CREDIT BACK TO FRANK MILLER FOR THOSE TWO WORKS!) I still find Hollywood's strange predilection for extreme gore and squeamishness with nudity odd to take, in this film the balance is almost but not quite there again and a certain level of shyness seemed apparent in the face of real nasty gore.

The real triumph of Watchmen for me is the creation of a truly adult comic book movie. Yes we have had Sin City (which I hated for its style over substance approach) but I think Watchmen is the first to really take a genre and adapt it to a different audience. vlcsnap-90074

Overall Watchmen is well worth a look. Just don't make the mistake of writing it off as for kids. It is very, very violent.

Paul out…

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