Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Raising Children using Fascist Dictator comparative motivational techniques OR would you do that if Hitler told you to?

I was sitting down eating my Chop and Chips (with garden peas) when I had an epiphany. I cleaned myself up and once I had sat down again i suddenly had a revelation. I did my flies back up sat back down and had a brilliant idea.

I am going to market a childcare method that will revolutionise the world. Forget Dr Spock in years to come we will all be adhering to the WIHTYTDT (pronounced Wee-tit-dit) method. What if Hitler told you to do that.

The method is very simple. Most childhood excuses stem from the activities of peers and their behaviour making the precedent that it is acceptable for them to do it.

So… instead of replying to your child's “Jenny is allowed to eat sweets before dinner” with “well you are not Jenny” you should use he more suitable response “Hitler was responsible for the death of nearly 6 million Jews and he ate sweets before dinner, do you want to be responsible for mass genocide… well do you?”

“Tommy did it” can now be replied with “Hitler annexed Poland in 1939, does that make it OK for you to invade Wales?”

“Barry told me to” can be subtly riposted with “Hitler told Rudolf Hoess to exterminate more then a million men, women and children as Commandant of the Auschwitz-Birkenau  concentration camp. Resulting in his trial, execution and likely trip to hell. Do you think it is sensible to do something just because you are told?”

Although this post is in a light tone, I mean no lightening of the terrible events prior to and during World War Two. Don’t traumatise your kids people but I do believe they should know just what following blindly can do.

Paul Out

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