Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Lesbian Vampire Killers is a masterpiece of cinema, its deep thoughtful plotlines and fantastically observed acting coupled with a feel for cinema that is so often lacking in the genre… nah just kidding.

Lesbian Vampire Killers is a film about those two blokes from Gavin and Stacey becoming the killers of Lesbian Vampires and its actually rather fun. Like most britflicks I never come to them expecting much but I always end up surprised by the end result. I think that British horror always sets out to make the most of what we have such as wit and silliness and gloss over what we don't. There will be no special effects Oscar for this movie and Fletch (fat one) sums it up nicely at the death of the first Lesbian Vampire with the statement “What no ashes or explosions, frankly I’m disappointed!” vlcsnap-2009-07-22-19h51m41s24

The vampires in LVK are straight from a 70s Hammer movie and with this in mind and the knowledge that the movie has its tongue so far into its cheek there is a chance of rupture, then it is possible to enjoy the film for what it is. A good, silly little romp. Isn’t that what we do best in the UK industry? Additionally general set design and cinematography are great for what is obviously a very tight budget and the cartoonification  of the production with Heroes style captions, strange angles and plenty of extraneous sound effects is remarkably effective. I particularly like the effect on the vampires giving unusually fast movements by varying the speed of the film. I really must also make a special mention for Paul McGanns vicar who is unreal in his intensity and provides the best gag in the film unfortunately this gets overplayed, a little more restraint wouldn’t have gone amiss.Suck on this lollypop :D

If you have a spare couple of hours you couldn't do much worse then spend it with some Lesbian Vampire. Its not a 28 Days or a Sean of the Dead but it is a nice little, mildly amusing VampRomp with added boobies and I can’t think of a better endorsement then that. Like most British cinema Lesbian Vampire Killers promised less then it actually delivered. A far more effective ploy then Hollywood's usual one of promising the World and failing to provide. Are you fucking with me?

Paul out…and wondering if Vicars ARE allowed to say Fuck?

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