Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kororimpa: Marble Mania (Wii)

Kororinpa lives in one of those niches that the Wii really dominates. It is a simple and flawlessly executed game that uses the fantastic Wii remote oriantation sensors. The gameplay is so simple that it is deceptively so. Collect all the orange gems and go into the exit this opens. You do this by tilting the remote which tilts the play table causing the marble to roll. Now in itself this is not unique. What is very special is that rather then the dislocation that monkey ball can sometimes have and the trickyness that tilt games seem to engender this one is perfectly linked to the movements. It is fantastically responsive and a true joy to play.

As you progress through the game the challenges get harder and harder. The video below is of a later level.

I won’t be buying Kororimpa! There is a very simple reason for this. I am a retarded gamer with the gameplay skills of a ape just getting used to his shiny new opposable digits. I saw all the levels in 2 days. Playing very casually. Yes there is mirror mode and hidden levels. You get special balls with differing physics but at the end of the day 45 levels is simply not enough to warrant any price. Even bargain buckets. I expect more then 2 days from any game and it is inexcusable to release any game so devoid of long term play.

Completing the game unlocks “mirror mode” allowing you to do it all again but in reverse. This in itself screams out that somebody somewhere said “is that it?” and rather then fix the content issues they decided to artificially expand it. This is a real shame as the 2 player mode is great fun. Where is the online play however and surely a track designer and downloadable tracks would have made this a real killer of a game.

Like so many Wii games we end up with a brilliantly shined gem of a game that really shows it is paste jewellery after a few plays. Like Animal Crossing the online gameplay possibilities have been totally missed and this is a shame.

So Kororimpa 10/10 for fun, 10/10 for style and execution –10 for content and –10 for fulfilling potential. Such a shame.

Paul out…and advising rent don't buy.

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