Monday, 27 July 2009

The Hitcher (2007)

If you haven't read the proceeding review of the film that this bastardises (sorry i mean is based on) the you can find it HERE.

For those with faulty clicking fingers or just too damn lazy to click the link, I found the Hitcher a surprisingly good film benefiting from an intense performance from Rutgar Hauer and C. Thomas Howell. It just crept past the line of believability creating a sense of “what if” that is hard to dispel. There are very few WTF moments and overall its a nice little film. Which beggars the question, why a remake? I generally am opposed to remaking classic films. As I didn’t see the original until yesterday then I suppose I cannot use that defence here, as long as the film is sympathetic to the original and keeps the subtle characterisation and realistic (sort of) physics then we will be ok. Shit, it was produced by Michael Bay…Gizza ride guvna

One thing that screams WHY from the off is the introduction of Jims girlfriend. An important aspect of the original was the idea that Jim essentially was going to start a new life. He had little to lose and could very easily fall into the mindset that was being pushed upon him. Here there is already an anchor into reality and a reason to succeed against the enemy.

Ahhhhh the enemy. Sean Bean is a great actor, he is not a great baddy and that accent is just bloody awful. Why to god not let him use his native accent I don’t know. Surely the odd foreigner has a degree of terror to it simply in its alienness?

The Hitcher takes all the bones of the original and rehashes it with added lashings of Bay. I mean that in a bad way. I want to see psychological interplay not big car chases and exploding prisoner transports. The moment that the film lost me truly, however, was when our Mean Bean Machine switches targets and starts to use Grace as his protégé. This really does not gel with the original film and is an adaptation too far for an enemy who is acting by his own insane ruleset.I DON'T WANT A BLOODY HAIRCUT O.K.

I don't know whether I am getting old but Hollywood has this brilliant way of totally making characters unsympathetic lately. I cared about Jims plight in the 1986 version. In this one I couldn’t give a flying frak. Maybe if he’d tidied himself up a bit… had a haircut?

In conclusion this seems a pointless remake which just adds some bangs to the original. I dread the day that they announce Michael Bays: Poppins has entered production.BOOOOOOOOOOOOM MORE COWBELL

Paul Out…and Michael Bay must be stopped!

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