Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Hitcher (1986)

We have a strange and unplanned movie convergence here. My current rentals are “The Hitcher” and “The Hitcher” I will attempt to watch and review the 2007 version in the next few days but first, here is the Rutger Hauer original.vlcsnap-2009-07-26-19h36m55s63

I was pleasantly surprised by the production values of what I had been to believe was simply another  80s junk horror. This simply is not he case. The gore is low key and there are implied scenes such as the family massacred in their car that are not shown at all.

The very basic storyline is that our hero is transporting a car over the mid-west when he finds himself falling asleep at the wheel. To keep himself awake he picks up a hitcher, something he discovers is a bad mistake. Particularly when his passenger tells him of his limb removal exercise he performed on his previous lift.vlcsnap-2009-07-26-21h10m29s142

Jim wants to live though and he refuses to say those for little words “I want to die” defies James Ryder (The Hitcher) and gets him out of the car. This turns out to be a bad idea as James’ mission then becomes to make him beg for death.

The cast is tiny and most of the threat comes from the , understandably, pissed off Texas Sheriffs who blame the trail of carnage on our protagonist. vlcsnap-2009-07-26-21h19m08s211

What I like most about The Hitcher is that fact that, although it obviously has never and would never happen, I can believe it. It is also really refreshing to see a gun that, rather than make silly sparks on bodywork, actually punches holes. I must say that The Hitcher will be joining my list of classic 80s movies.

I am hoping that Sean Bean doesn't cock it all up for me in the remake. Digits crossed.

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