Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hex Series 1 Finale

I must admit I have been rather disappointed by Hex. It started so strongly and faded to a real whisper. This final episode of series one is so inconsequential that I had to check to ensure that it was the last. It covers Cassies sudden Demon pregnancy and her strangely emotionless battle with the decision to abort. Considering the content of this episode the entirety of it is bizarrely unemotional. PDVD_001

I will watch series 2, depending on what I see i may review it but seriously I can’t believe how such a promising show faded so rapidly and so badly. Going from fresh drama to badly filmed and tedious abortion drama in just six episodes. Even the previously villainous Azazael suddenly becomes some kind of love interest and given Cassies deep infatuation with Troy in episode 1 her fobbing off of him, pregnant or otherwise is so out of character i wonder if I am watching the same show.

I really can be bothered to write anymore, all will has been sucked from my soul…

Paul out…

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