Monday, 6 July 2009

Hex Series 1 eps 3 and 4

Hmmmm I suspect a downward slide here. The next two episodes of hex were a chore to say the least. The production values remain high but there were real niggles with plot points and world mechanics that really bother a nitpicker like myself.

The two episodes seem to move really slowly with no inherent story in either, subscribing to the overall story arc that destroyed Buffy for me in the later years. Much as I feel a serial story arc makes a series much better I also want to be able to view and episode in isolation and still have an idea of what is happening. This would be impossible with Hex.

Several things bother me at the moment. Some I suggest my be solved later but I fear that a few will never be resolved.

My main niggle is with the subject of possession, what exactly is happening here and why exactly did the guy in the nightclub attack Cassie?PDVD_011

Another huge problem for me is Thelma who seems to interact fully with the world without anybody noticing. There are references to her being unable to touch and she is blatantly referred to as a ghost, but she opens carriers and behaves as if she is as solid as you or I. Most odd of this is nobody seems to notice. The other Thelma related strangeness relates to her investigation of Esther's “cell” where she discovers several lit candles, carrying one and going unremarked. 

I also cant really understand the seeming obsession with Cassies breasts and showers. We have had two illicit peeps in just 4 episodes! Yes they are very nice but this did seem rather odd!PDVD_013

Overall I hope the conclusion will redeem the show, maybe we are just experiencing the dead space in the middle.

Paul Out…

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