Friday, 17 July 2009

Hex series 1 episode 5

From a promising start in the pilot Hex seems to have degraded immensely. The story is becoming tremendously ponderous with things seemingly happening for the sake of it. The only narrative thread that is obvious in the series so far was the strangely possessed man in episode 3 who we now know only exists to show how to un-possess somebody.

PDVD_037 I really have become rather disappointed, Hex started as a visually and audibly wonderful treat and continues in this vein but the story is poor to non existent. Thelma also continues to be the most bizarre ghost ever. How the floating food, screwdrivers, goggles etc are not noticed by the obviously blind students I don’t know. I do know that I should not expect any exposition on this in the near future as it is obviously just a failure in the shows mythology rather then a conscious decision by the series makers.

Rather then reviewing both episodes on the disc as I have previously done I wanted to take the last episode in isolation. I have a feeling it will be disappointing and the palpably disappointed review will be upped in due course.

Paul Out

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