Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hex: Episode 1.1 Pilot – The Story Begins

Hex is sadly no more, running for a mere 2 series’ in 2004 and 2005. It was recommended to me by a workmate as a Buffy Type Show. I dutifully added it to the rental list and a few days ago it dropped through my letterbox.

I never saw Hex at the first outing as I have never particularly been a fan of Sky 1 the producers behind the show. I came to it completely fresh therefore. One thing I would disagree with is the comparison to Buffy. Yes its sort of witchy and has a demony type slant but if the comparison had to be made I would say it is more Cruel Intentions or The Hole in influence (with witchcraft of course). PDVD_008

It is very hard to judge a series by its pilot. Sometimes they are truly awful and a pilot really is a way to sell a show so all the effort is poured into it. This one however is very good. I thoroughly enjoyed Hex with all its girly bitchiness and English humour. The effects were understated and therefore never looked strained. Hex never tried to do anything it wasn’t comfortable doing.

On the strength of this opener (which as a pilot ran for a massive 1 hr 30 mins) I am looking forward to the rest. Maybe like Firefly it will be a blessing that I came to it late as I was not there to lament its loss.PDVD_005

Casting is great, the sexy bitchy girl Roxanne, played by Amber Sainsbury is spot on and our sexy but shy heroine Cassie as played by Christina Cole is exactly that. It was also nice to see Colin Salmon as David Tyrell, he has a very impressive screen presence and it is almost entirely carried by his voice. I want some audiobooks by him now so he can read me to sleep.PDVD_009 

Yes Hex has so far been a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Looking forward to the rest. Please, please don't spoil it Sky?

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