Monday, 6 July 2009


Say after me “Goldfinger is only the third bond film” now you say it…

Yes Goldfinger is a Bond masterpiece, its like all the roots set in Dr No and nurtured in From Russia With Love have sprouted into a wonderful fantastic spy filled tree.


After we see Bond infiltrate, blow and saunter free from, a secret base we absolutely launch into the theme tune. Shirly Basseys performance is genuinely outstanding and the images are perfect being projected on a golden women, an image that is erotic but later we will see how truly sinister it is with the death of Jill Masterton painted to heaven! The reprise at the end credits feels far more sinister with images projected onto a seemingly dead face.


Our official Bond Girl for this outing is recognised to be Honor Blackman at Pussy Galore. She is an acquired taste and manages to do something that no other Bond Girl seems to manage. She is sexy without being particularly beautiful (no offense intended Honor) we also see the gorgeous but strangely vapid Jill Masterton and her sister Tilly both meeting their end at the hands of Goldfingers Henchman Oddjob. We also see Pussys Flying Circus a collection of women with very 60’s breasts. Bras were criminal in those days. PDVD_010


I can sum this up in 3 words. Aston Martin DB5. Yes the greatest Bond vehicle of them all is here. Introduced by Desmond Llewellyn now officially playing “Q” it is packed to the gills with “extra features” all of which seem sensible and realistic, rather then being “just the ticket” as later gadgets were. We also have Bonds homing devices and there is a mention of the standard issue attaché case which was sadly “destroyed on examination”. Finally lets not forget the bad guys gadgets with Oddjobs razor hat, Goldfingers Laser Beam and of course the incredibly overblown and stunning briefing room. All the more insane when you consider it exists purely for exposition of the plot before everyone is killed anyway!PDVD_014


There are a couple in this outing as you would expect with the DB5 in the mix. There is a race sequence giddily set on the winding roads of Switzerland, this is so well doe I get vertigo myself. We also have another in Aurics smelting plant when Bond tries and fails to rescue Tilly Masterton after she fails to assassinate Goldfinger.

Total BondagePDVD_025

Fantastic. The plot is reasonably tight and entertaining, sets are truly sumptuous and most of the film is realistic. Some scenes do niggle, the duck diving suit is some silliness to my mind but brief enough to ignore. The level to which they fake the gas attack also seems bizarre with crashes and disarray seeming far worse then you could realistically portray without hurting someone. Additionally why let Goldfinger get all the way to the vault before springing the trap, surely if they know the bomb is there it would have been better to stop him earlier. Anyway plot commentary aside the central conceit of a dirty bomb being used to raise the value of world gold is truly brilliant, would it work, I don’t know as I am not an economist but it sounds plausible. Q branch is fully formed and the byplay of Bond, M and Moneypenny is spot on, setting the mould for years to come. Bonds subtle slapping down when he shows his knowledge of Brandy to be greater then M’s is magical. Overall you have probably guessed that Goldfinger is one of my favourite bond films. That's OK because it is bloody fantastic.

Paul out…

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